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Summer 1999



The Paradox of Post-Heroic Warfare

Sovereignty and Human Rights After Kosovo:

The Right to Intervention: Codified in Kosovo BERNARD KOUCHNER
Two, Three, Many Kosovos GRAHAM FULLER
The Sovereignty of Tyranny CARLOS FUENTES
For a Legal and Moral Marshall Plan in the Balkans MARY ROBINSON
The Indictment of Milosevic: A Revolution in Human Rights KINGSLEY CHIEDU MOGHALU
Environmental Rights in War: The Case of NATO and Yugoslavia MIKHAIL GORBACHEV

Asian Snapshots:

Looking Back 50 Years, Looking Forward LEE KUAN YEW
Nuclear Disarmament Is an Equal Right JIANG ZEMIN
Tiananmen 10 Years On CHAI LING
Who Is an Indian? SHASHI THAROOR
Jefferson vs. Mahathir: How the West Came to This Muslim's Rescue MUNAWAR A. ANEES

As The World Turns:

Europe Needs a Push ROMANO PRODI
Back to the Future in Israel SHIMON PERES
NATO Victory in Kosovo Revalues Russian, Chinese Nukes YASUSHI AKASHI
China's Nukes: A Phantom Menace STEPHEN I. SCHWARTZ

At Century's End:

Second Thoughts: The End of History 10 Years Later FRANCIS FUKUYAMA
Fast-Moving Science Befuddles Predictions HANS A. BETHE
The Uncertain Century GORAN ROSENBERG

American Culture:

From Hippies to Hypocrisy: The Saga of the Idea That the Person Is Political ALAN WOLFE
The Personal is Still Political ROBIN MORGAN

Just Think...

The Surplus and the Ideological Deficit STANLEY K. SHEINBAUM