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Winter 2000



The Global Mind

The Global Mind:

The Virtual Continent KENICHI OHMAE
From Agrarian Patriotism to the Global Self PETER SLOTERDIJK
From Cyberspace to the Noosphere: Emergence of the Global Mind DAVID RONFELDT & JOHN ARQUILLA
Global Gladiators Challenge the Power of Nations ALVIN & HEIDI TOFFLER

The Poor Are Still With Us:

Democracy: The Only Way Out of Poverty AMARTYA SEN
A Market Solution to Poverty: Microfinance and the Internet JACQUES ATTALI
The Challenge of the Next Century: The Globalization of Responsibility NELSON MANDELA
Development after Dictatorship OLUSEGUN OBASANJO
Will There Be Jobs for Billions of New Workers? PAUL KENNEDY
Reducing Poverty: It Can Be Done JIMMY CARTER

Ten Years After the Wall:

From Alias Nation to the Berlin Republic MICHAEL NAUMANN
German Restraint HELMUT KOHL
Ten Years After the Wall, NATO Reigns MIKHAIL GORBACHEV

As The World Turns:

Still a Third Way for Europe ANTHONY GIDDENS
A Cold Winter in Kosovo BERNARD KOUCHNER


Disembodied Health BARBARA DUDEN

Just Think...

The Loneliest Superpower STANLEY K. SHEINBAUM