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Fall 2005




When Figuring Out London Bombers, Remember Danny Pearl’s Killer NATHAN GARDELS

The Other

Encountering the Other: The Challenge for the 21st Century Ryszard Kapuscinski
The Other in Our Midst: After the London Bombing Tariq Ramadan
New Orleans Revealed Ignorance of the Other Richard Sennett

As The World Turns

Perestroika 20 Years Later: A Reflection Mikhail Gorbachev
Iraq and Kosovo: A Meditation on American Power Madeleine Albright
Ending Poverty in Africa: We Are Not There Yet Jeffrey Sachs
Accountability and Generosity Paul Wolfowitz
Renminbi: Up, Where It Belongs Jehangir S. Pocha
The US Has Gone Global, But Neglected Its Core Andrew Young
Power Beyond Politics Bill Clinton

Frontiers of the New Century

Seizing Our Biological Destiny J. Craig Venter
No Restrictions on Genetic Research James Watson


The False Other of the Cinematic Conscience Humberto Beck

Just Think...

Why I Care About Global Warming Arnold Schwarzenegger