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Spring 2005



The Future Is Upon Us NATHAN GARDELS

Collapse or Massive Change

Tokugawa Shoguns vs. Consumer Democracy JARED DIAMOND
Human Impact 0n Climate Has Made This the "Anthropocene Age" PAUL J. CRUTZEN
Beyond Kyoto: A Global Energy Perestroika MIKHAIL GORBACHEV
Why a Nobel Peace Prize for Environmental Activism? WANGARI MAATHAI
Massive Change: Now Everyone Can Design Solutions BRUCE MAU

Rising China

China's New Left JEHANGIR S. POCHA
China Today: Misguided Socialism Plus Crony Capitalism WANG HUI
China's Students: More Pro-Money Than Pro-Democracy FANG LIZHI
Communist Rule Is Good for China KISHORE MAHBUBANI
China Is Replacing US as World's Leading Consumer LESTER R. BROWN
China Shows Trade Is Best Route Out of Poverty JAGDISH BHAGWATI

As The World Turns

America's "Dual Use" Military Reach: For War and Disaster Relief PAUL KENNEDY
Why the Arab World Needs Democracy SAIF AL ISLAM GADDAFI
Shiite Rule in Iraq Could Encourage More Democracy in Iran MASOUMEH EBTEKAR
Expect a Split With Europe Over Iran RICHARD PERLE
Iran: Not Yet A Pattern of Transparency MOHAMED ELBARADEI
Arab Democracy Can't Have an American Stamp on It MADELEINE ALBRIGHT
On Development and Democracy PAUL WOLFOWITZ

Just Think

Democratic Contagion Hits ASEAN Countries ANWAR IBRAHIM