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Summer 2006



Think Local

Terrorism Now

De-Globalize the Jihad Olivier roy
Al-Qaida Is Down, But Not Out R. james woolsey
A More Humble US, A Better Europe for Muslims john mccain
Muslims, the Pope and European Identity tariq ramadan
Only Democracy Will Break Pakistan’s Terror Link benazir bhutto

The Lebanon War

The Lessons of War With Hezbollah shimon peres
Cuba, 1962; Lebanon, 2006 jacques attali
Hezbollah Took Lebanon Hostage walid jumblatt
Hezbollah Is Not a Puppet of Syria or Iran Reza aslan
This Is A Clash of Civilizations Shabtai Shavit
The Shia vs. Sunni Split? Not on the Arab Street Graham e. fuller
The Beginning of the End for Israel? zbigniew brzezinski

Frontiers of the New Century

The Election of the Virgin of Guadalupe carlos fuentes
Argentina: Weak Institutions Keep a Good Country Down Abraham lowenthal
Don’t Forget Darfur wole soyinka and david l. phillips
A Report Card on the G8 in Africa paul wolfowitz
On Global Warming and Financial Imbalances Michael milken, gary becker, myron scholes and daniel kahneman
A Clash Within the West? Nathan gardels

Just Think

We Are Breathing Chinese Pollution Steven cliff