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Winter 2007



The Spigot of Global Growth

Making Globalization Work

Rich Countries, Poor People? Joseph Stiglitz
The J Curve Ian Bremmer
China: The New Global Model for Development Wei-Wei Zhang
US and Japan Should Engage Rising China and India Kenneth Dam & Noboru Hatakeyama

The Asian Drama

President Bush: Talk to Kim Jong Il Kim Dae Jung
New Links With China Are Key to Japan’s Security Tsuneo Watanabe
US Holds Key to Non-Proliferation Hans Blix
China's Open Underground; Taiwan’s Aperture Nathan Gardels
The Locusts of Corruption Wei JingSheng

Iraq Implosion

The Fall: Consequences of US Withdrawal From Iraq Martin van Creveld
Back to Realism Henry Kissinger

Culture Clash Continued

Prada Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The Clash of Civilizations Revisited Samuel P. Huntington

As The World Turns

A New Era for Mexico Carlos Fuentes
The Green Agenda Al Gore
The Last Hope for The Republic Gore Vidal
Taking on The Pro-Israel Lobby Jimmy Carter

Just Think

Talking to Tehran Reza Aslan