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Fall 2008

Fall 2008


The Challenges of Non-Western and Post-Secular Modernity

Return of the Middle Kingdom

Post-Olympic Powershift: The Return of the Middle Kingdom in a Post-American World Nathan Gardels
Modern China Emerged Before Its Encounter with the West Wang Hui

Secularism’s Crisis of Faith

Notes on Post-Secular Society JÜrgen Habermas
Faith in an Interdependent World Tony Blair
God and the Political Planet RÉgis Debray

The Fraying Seams of Globalization

Globalization Is Running Out of Fuel Naomi Klein
Saving Globalization From the Republicans Robert Reich
Is America Ready for a Post-American World? Francis Fukuyama
The Fall of Wall Street Joseph Stiglitz

As The World Turns

Putin’s Imperial Designs Are Reminiscent of Stalin’s Zbigniew Brzezinski
Russia in Georgia: Not a Case of The “Responsibility to Protect” Gareth Evans
Pax Russica: For a Eurasian Alliance Against America Aleksandr Dugin
Iran Is Not a Suicide State John Abizaid
Breaking the Nuclear Taboo in Iran Martin van Creveld

Frontiers of the New Century

AIDS Cure Is Far Off David Baltimore