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Summer 2009

Fall 2008


Will Iran Look More Like Turkey, Or Turkey Like Iran?  Nathan Gardels

The Great Refusal

The Essence of Islamist Resistance: A Different View of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas Alastair Crooke
Hezbollah: Islamist Resistance Comes of Age Sheikh Naim Qassem
Iran's Crisis of Legitimacy Ramin Jahanbegloo
Democratic Refusal in Iran Shirin Ebadi
A Global Convergence Against Globalization? Graham E. Fuller

Obama's Middle East Strategy 

AFPAK Drone Strikes Are Only Game in Town Leon Panetta
From Colonial Air Attacks to Drones in Pakistan Priya Satia
Obama's Afghan Moment Zalmay Khalilzad
Obama Is No Better Than Bush Nawal El Saadawi
Obama Should Be a Second Carter in the Middle East Martin van Creveld
The iPod and the Queen, the Kindle and the King Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The Global Meltdown, Continued

Descent of the Dollar and Rise of the Rest Joseph Stiglitz
The Free-Market Economy Is Fundamentally Healthy Gary Becker, Roger Myerson, Myron Scholes

As the World Turns

Preventing the Next Pandemic Nathan Wolfe
Pandemics and the Planet of Slums Mike Davis
Tipping Point for the New Media Arianna Huffington
Time to Test North Korea John Bolton
Twenty Years After Tiananmen Wang Dan
Cyberwar Is the New Atomic Age Mike McConnell

Just Think

The World Has No Center Jean-Marie Gustav Le ClÉzio