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Winter 2009

Fall 2008


America in Shock

Crash and Recovery

Crisis Is Endemic to the Financial System George Soros
Managing the Birth Pangs of the New Global Order Gordon Brown
G-20 Should Supplant the G-7 James Wolfensohn
China’s Stimulus and the Fall of the Dollar Jacques Attali
Market Volatility Is the Highest Since Hoover-FDR Transition Robert Engle
Blueprint for a Green Recovery Laura D’Andrea Tyson
In Bailing Out Detroit, Break US Oil Dependence James Woolsey

How the World Views Obama Victory

Obama, Look East Kishore Mahbubani
Muslims Will Be Disappointed Ayaan Hirsi Ali
If Americans Accept Obama, They Can Accept a Rising China Wang Jisi
Obama and the Palestinians Tariq Ramadan
Obama: The First Mestizo Leader North of the Border Carlos Fuentes
Afghanistan Needs Teachers and Clean Water as Much as More Troops Khaled Hosseini
Finally, Russia Sees America as It Really Is Garry Kasparov

As The World Turns

A Global Moratorium on the Death Penalty Bernard Kouchner and Carl Bildt
Prosecute Sudan’s Leader Over Darfur Lloyd Axworthy
The Empty Heaven of Democracy Bernard-Henri Lévy
China’s Green Leapfrog Yingling Liu
Terror Strikes Mumbai and Democracy Responds Dileep Padgaonkar
After Mumbai, Don’t Demonize India’s Muslims Shashi Tharoor
Policy Toward Iran a Failure Mohamed ElBaradei

Just Think

Ghosts of Obama’s Hyde Park Manse Nathan Gardels
Literary Witness in a World of Terror: The Inward Testimony Nadine Gordimer