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Summer 2010

Fall 2008


The Zero Nukes Conundrum Nathan Gardels

Obama’s Nuclear Initiative

A Season for Disarmament Hans Blix
Obama, Reagan and Zero Nukes George Shultz
Better to Remain Ambiguous on Nukes Henry Kissinger
Obama Plan May Spur Proliferation R. James Woolsey

The Evolving World Order

The BRICs Come of Global Age Luiz InÁcio Lula Da Silva
Brazil and Turkey Shift Global Politics Graham E. Fuller
Turkey’s Emergence as a “Center Power” Is a Game Changer Soli Ozel
Protectionism Against China Is No Answer to America’s Woes Francis Fukuyama and Henry Paulson
The Rise and Fall of New Labour Anthony Giddens
Greece Is Tip of Sovereign Debt Iceberg Nouriel Roubini
China’s Megacity Mandarinate George Yeo

As the World Turns

No Negotiations Until Settlements Stop Mustafa Barghouti
Israeli Settlements Threaten US Security Zbigniew Brzezinski
Turkey Supplants Egypt as Palestinian Champion Alastair Crooke
Investigate the Pope Sinead O’Connor
De-Narcotize US-Mexican Relations Jorge CastaÑeda
China’s Workers Are Stirring: “Enough Is Enough” Han Dongfang
The Internet and Democracy Stand Up to the Enemies of the Internet Bernard Kouchner
The Internet vs. the Communist Party in Western China Rebiya Kadeer


Holy Secularism OliviÉr Roy
The Good Faith of an Infidel Nathan Gardels
The Soft Power of Science Ahmed Zewail