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Summer 2011

Fall 2008

It’s Time for China to Start Shaping the New Global System
Nathan Gardels

The State and the Net
The State and the Internet: A Call for Collective Responsibility Nicolas Sarkozy
“Openness Must Be the Norm” Eric Schmidt

Global Governance
Mini-lateralism Will Get Us Nowhere Gordon Brown
The Process Is the Message: The IMF Leadership and Global Governance Michael Spence

The Arab Spring After Osama
Will the Muslim Brotherhood Succeed Where Osama Failed? Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The Arab Spring After Osama Tariq Ramadan
The Goal in Libya Is Not Regime Change Amr Moussa
We Can Work with Hamas Ehud Barak
The Saudi Counter-Revolution I Alastair Crooke
The Saudi Counter-Revolution II Graham E. Fuller
A Compass of Hope for Egypt Ahmed H. Zewail
A Vibrant Post-Revolutionary Egypt Needs World Support Mohammed El-Erian

Japan’s Nukes
The International Community Must Intervene—in Japan Jacques Attali
The Japanese Nuclear Industry: A Regrettable Exception Dominique Louis
Japan Risks Nuclear Disaster for Consumer Convenience Hiroaki Koide

On China
Who Are We? Who Are They? The Real Facts of a Globalized Chimerica Peter Nolan
The West No Longer Owns Modernity Eric Li
A Return to the Cultural Revolution in China? Wei Jingsheng

Fiscal Crisis Erodes EU Legitimacy Francis Fukuyama