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Fall 2013

The Middle of the Future Nathan Gardels

Where We Live
The Frugal City Paolo Soleri
Planet of Slums Mike Davis
The Past Is Too Small to Inhabit Rem Koolhaas
From Shiva to Disney: Frozen Motion Frank Gehry
On the Museum of Innocence: Caressing the World With Words Orhan Pamuk

World Order
The “End of History” 20 Years Later Francis Fukuyama
Perestroika 20 Years Later Mikhail Gorbachev
No Shortcuts to the “End of History” Ryszard Kapuscinski
The Clash of Civilizations Revisited Samuel Huntington
Psychopaths of Faith vs. The Muse of Irreverence Wole Soyinka
The Gospel and Globalization RenÉ Girard
Modus Vivendi: Liberalism for the Coming Middle Ages John Gray
The Empty Heaven of Democracy Bernard-Henri LÉvy
Peeling Away the Western Veneer Kishore Mahbubani
A Jihad for Education Ahmed Zewail
When Galileo Meets Allah Farida Faouzia Charfi
Can India Learn from China? Amartya Sen
In Between Cultures Homi Bhabha

Tokugawa Shoguns vs. Consumer Democracy Jared Diamond
Massive Change: Now Everyone Can Design Solutions Bruce Mau
Revolutionary Wealth Alvin Toffler
The Central Paradox of the Digital Age Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen