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Spring 2013

Can Asia Revive the World Institutions? Nathan Gardels

The Post-Hegemonic Age
China and America in a Post-Hegemonic Age Zbigniew Brzezinski
For A New Bipolarity: China and Russia vs. America Yan Xuetong
The Great Convergence and the Logic of One World Kishore Mahbubani

China’s Long March Toward the Rule of Law
The Movement for Rule of Law in China Cheng Li
China Has Good Laws, But They Should Apply to the Party Chen Guangcheng
The Rule of Law in China Qiao Shi

As the World Turns
Argo Helped the Ayatollahs Abolhassan Bani-Sadr
Democracy Fails to Correct Itself in Italy Nathan Gardels
Today’s Global Crisis is Political, Not Economic Ricardo Lagos
Raised on Hatred Ayaan Hirsi Ali

On Intelligent Governance: A View from the South Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Re-Politicization vs. De-Politicization Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels
Democratic Practice: Filter vs. Mirror James Fishkin