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Global Viewpoint, a weekly commentary and feature interview service produced for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate/Tribune Media by NPQ, is the largest editorial network of its kind globally. Often referred to as "the CNN of the print media" Global Viewpoint appears before 35 million readers in 15 languages through the pages of newspapers ranging from the International Herald Tribune to Corriere della Sera to El Pais to Asharq Al Awsat, from O Estado de Sao Paulo to Die Welt to Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan's largest daily.

NPQ also produces three other editorial services for Los Angeles Times Syndicate/Tribune Media (European Viewpoint, Nobel 21 and Global Economic Viewpoint) as well as individual columns by Shimon Peres, Alvin Toffler and Carlos Fuentes.

Global Viewpoint 02-26-2014 Dileep Padgaonkar: Ominous dance of Indian democracy
Global Viewpoint 02-20-2014 Zhang Weiwei: Respect China's red lines
Global Viewpoint 02-18-2014 Frank Ackerman: Your iPhone causes China's pollution
Global Viewpoint 02-13-2014 J. Craig Venter: A new phase of evolution
Global Viewpoint 02-12-2014 Lin Yifu: Western analysts are wrong: China's economy is going strong
Global Viewpoint 02-07-2014 Abolhassan Bani-Sadr and Mahmood Delkhasteh: Thirty-five years on, it is time to return to the democratic spirit of the Iranian Revolution
Global Viewpoint 02-06-2014 Rached Ghannouchi: Tunisia's hopes near realization
Global Viewpoint 02-05-2014 Gordon Brown: Out of school: Globalization's children are being abandoned
Global Viewpoint 02-04-2014 Kishore Mahbubani: When America becomes number two
Global Viewpoint 02-03-2014 Paul Kagame: Ascending Africa: Women and youth are our assets
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