Today's date:
  Summer 2004



No Shortcuts to the "End of History"

Reverse Public Diplomacy:
From Quagmire to Debacle in Iraq

Hostility to America Has Never Been So Great ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI
US Torture Sets Back Cause of Human Rights in Arab World BOUTROS BOUTROS-GHALI
America Is No Longer the Global Standard for Human Rights SHIRIN EBADI
When Hard Power Undermines Soft Power JOE NYE
The Degeneration of War PAUL KENNEDY
The United Nations: The Indispensable Institution MADELEINE ALBRIGHT
Making Vietnam’s Mistakes All Over Again ANTHONY ZINNI
US Must Balance Hard Power With Soft Power FRANCIS FUKUYAMA

As the World Turns

Global Warming as Big a Threat as WMD HANS BLIX
One Country, One System for Hong Kong MARTIN LEE
Out of Gaza? YOSI BEILIN

Globo Economicus

Smart Outsourcing, Dumb Outsourcing CLYDE PRESTOWITZ
Power of the Purse: Pension Investors Are Shaking Up Corporate America PHIL ANGELIDES
How Bush Squandered Clinton’s Economic Legacy LAURA D’ANDREA TYSON
The Decline of Fordism and the Challenge to American Power WALTER RUSSELL MEAD

Frontiers of the New Century

Neural Darwinism GERALD EDELMAN

Just Think

Understanding the Hispanic Challenge ABRAHAM F. LOWENTHAL