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Fall 2007



China: From Democracy Wall to the Shopping Mall and Back

Made in China

“Made in China” Label Won’t Survive Without Rule of Law Minxin Pei
Document: Qiao Shi on China’s Long March to the Rule of Law Qiao Shi
Chinese Reserves Make the World Go ’Round Henry Paulson
Chinese Hacking Signals Age of Info Warfare Bobby Ray Inman
Brangelina vs. Chinese Mercantilism in Africa Anthony Lake

As The World Turns

Pakistan at a Crossroads Benazir Bhutto
The West’s Common Interest in Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke
Countdown to War With Iran Dennis Ross
The Dispensable Nation? Brent Scowcroft
Is America on Course to Fall Like Rome? David M. Walker

Frontiers of the New Century

The 11th Hour Leonardo DiCaprio, Stephen Hawking, Paul Hawken, Paolo Soleri, David Suzuki, Nathan Gardels, James Woolsey, Bill McKibben, Jim Hansen, Wangari Mathaai, Herman Daly, Lester Brown, Mikhail Gorbachev, William McDonough, Bruce Mau and others


The End of Darwinian Evolution Freeman Dyson