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Spring 2007



America No Longer Owns Globalization

The New Global Cinema

Hollywood Must Portray Point of View of Others Alejandro GonzÁlez IÑÁrritu

Shock and Awe vs. Hearts and Minds at the Movies Nathan Gardels and Mike Medavoy

Dealing With the Axis of Evil

Concessions on Iran's Nuclear Program Would Help Moderates Muhammad Sahimi

North Korea Accord Is a Model for Iranian Crisis Hans Blix

The Cost of the Last Six Years, From North Korea to Kosovo Madeleine Albright

Turks Look Forward With Amnesia Elif Shafak

Global Economic Health Depends on American Middle Class Timothy F. Geithner

Global Outlook: The Poor Will Get Richer FranÇois Bourguignon

Lessons of the Asian Crisis 10 Years Later Janet L. Yellen

China's Satellite Missile Strike Raises Worries About a Pearl Harbor in Space William S. Cohen

If US Picks a Fight With China, It Will Be "Very Big Trouble" Lee Hsien Loong

Nuclear Weapons Are Back at Center Stage Michael L. May

The Challenge of Positive Freedom Francis Fukuyama

Religion Is the Key Issue of 21st Century Wole Soyinka

The Limits of Rights and the Ethics of Self-Limitation Wiktor Osiatynski

Some Last Thoughts Ryszard Kapuscinski