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Summer 2013

Governance After the End of Power Nathan Gardels

The New Digital Revolution
The Central Paradox of the New Digital Age Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen
We Are All Probing Each Other, All the Time Mike McConnell

Europe: A Leaning Tower of Babel
Jobs, Democracy and Growth Gerhard SchrÖder and Jacques Delors
Think Like Europeans Mariano Rajoy
Europe’s Feeble War on Unemployment Niall Ferguson and Pierpaolo Barbieri
Reimagining, Redesigning, Rethinking Europe 2025
Hope for the “Post-Crisis Generation” FranÇois Hollande

As the World Turns...
Tear Gas in Taksim Square Graham E. Fuller
Only a Nationalist Can Reform China Robert Lawrence Kuhn
States and Provinces Can Fight Climate Change Together Gray Davis and Jean Charest
Tribal Prism of the Boston Bombing Akbar Ahmed
A Permanent Secretariat for the G-20 Nicolas Sarkozy
Resisting Populism in Latin America Nathan Gardels

Mandela Belongs to the World Ramin Jahanbegloo