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Spring 2008



Post-Globalization Nathan Gardels

Peeling Away the Western Veneer Kishore Mahbubani
Bound Together: The Future of Globalization Nayan Chanda
Paths of Globalization: From the Berbers to Bach Yo-Yo Ma
China Must Convince the World Its Rise Is Peaceful Lee Kuan Yew
Tibet and the Olympics Wei Jingsheng
Eulogy for the Dollar? Howard M. Wachtel
This is Not America's Final Crisis Jacques Attali

Murmurs of Muslim Modernization

Secularism Is a Women's Affair Nilufer GÖle
Headscarves Are Secular Turkey's Waterloo Haluk Sahin
Woman's Turban Is Sign of Rebellion Against Ataturk Halit Refig
Beneath the Headscarf: A Modern Individual Zeynep Karahan Uslu
Where Are the Muslim Moderates? Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Here We Are: A Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tariq Ramadan
Beyond the Blame Game Munawar Ahmad Anees

As The World Turns

Only a Political Solution for Iraq Barack Obama
Al-Qaida Not a Threat When US Leaves Iraq Olivier Roy
The $3 Trillion War Joseph Stiglitz
Islamic Nationalism Is Behind Pakistan Crisis Graham E. Fuller
Pakistan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Are Front Lines in "Terror War" Bernard-Henri Levy
The War Against Terrorism Is Not in Afghanistan, but Pakistan Hamid Karzai
Suicide Bombers Are Not VIPs in Paradise Pervez Musharraf
Are Putin and Chavez the Future? Madeleine Albright
Ayatollah Putin Garry Kasparov
Stop Debating NAFTA -- Start Shaping a Future for North America Robert A. Pastor

Frontiers of the New Century

Microbial Manufacturing Is the Next Step of Evolution J. Craig Venter
A New Agenda for the Poor: Agriculture for Development Francois Bourguignon
Turning Beggars into Entrepreneurs Muhammad Yunus


The Art of the Novel Is Anti-Political Orhan Pamuk