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Winter 2012

NPQ’s New Focus: Globalization 2.0  Nathan Gardels

Globalization 2.0
Post-Secular Turkey Nilüfer Göle
Globalization 2.0 Eric X. Li
The G20 Is the Key Forum for Adjusting Global Power Shift Henry Kissinger
The Arab Spring and the Chinese Autumn Yu Hua

As the World Turns
Chongqing Rising in the West George Yeo
Experiencing Hiroshima Again Lester R. Brown and Yul Choi
From Nationalism to Civicism Daniel A. Bell and Avner De-Shalit
Winners and Losers in the Middle East Graham E. Fuller
A Polish Answer to the German Question Constanze Stelzenmüller
Refounding Good Governance Charles A. Kupchan

Models of Governance
A Voice for the Long-Term Public Interest Nathan Gardels
The Lords of Think Long Mark Paul
Everyone Hates the Think Long Jedi Council Joe Mathews

Politics and the Aesthetic Imagination Paul Keating