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Guest Comment

A Time for Global Action Barack Obama

Obama's Smart Power

Smart Power Joseph S. Nye Jr.
Barack and Slumdog Millionaire Nathan Gardels and Mike Medavoy
Obama's Realist Idealism Madeleine Albright
Is the Muslim World a Credible Partner for Obama's Outreach? Anwar Ibrahim
End the "War on Terror" and Talk to the Taliban Olivier Roy
AFPAK Realities Brahma Chellaney
Shari'a in Swat: A Dangerous Surrender to Islamists Ayaan Hirsi Ali
As Obama Gears Up in Afghanistan, Pakistan Faces Leadership Void Ahmed Rashid
Stop Bombing Villages Hamid Karzai
Bring Hamas Into the Political Process Efraim Halevy
"Yes We Can" in the Middle East Jimmy Carter

The Global Meltdown

Beware of Back-Door Protectionism Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Economic Crisis Can Deepen Global Links Kofi Annan
The Resurrection of Keynes Paul Samuelson
China's Dilemma: Invest at Home or in US Stimulus Xu Kuangdi
Swedish Lessons Carl Bildt
Has the Financial Crisis Killed Consumerism? James Howard Kunstler
Recession, Climate Change and the Return of Planning Anthony Giddens
Bring Back the State Mikhail Gorbachev
Lessons for the West from Asian Capitalism Kishore Mahbubani
Economic Weight of Brazil, China and India Can Mitigate Global Crisis Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Taming Capitalism Nicolas Sarkozy

Just Think

Samuel P. Huntington 1927-2008 Jane S. Jaquette and Abraham F. Lowenthal
Westernization vs. Modernity Francis Fukuyama
Huntington: Prescient and Principled Fareed Zakaria
Faith Matters Tony Blair